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Welcome to the official Apicurio Studio blog! Read below to learn about the latest information about the studio, including new releases, tips and tricks, and other stuff we're dying to let you in on.

Apicurio Studio - Account Linking (with Keycloak)

Aug 14, 2017 Eric Wittmann authentication and keycloak

Today marks the release of version 0.1.8 of Apicurio Studio! The primary accomplishments with this latest release are the switch to using Keycloak for authentication and the addition of Linked Accounts with the application.

Apicurio Studio - Beta Release and Project Naming

May 4, 2017 Eric Wittmann branding, beta, and github

Lots of big news today. We’ve moved from Tech Preview into Beta! This is a great milestone and we continue to improve the project and make good strides in (hopefully) the right direction.

The first beta release has some nice new features (have a look at the details here). But perhaps even more exciting is that we’ve rebranded everything as the new project name: “Apicurio Studio”

Therefore, I’m please to announce that the permanent home for the project is now here:

As always, happy Designing!

Apicurio Studio - The Final Tech Preview

Apr 6, 2017 Eric Wittmann release and tech_preview

Guess what, everyone? We’ve released Tech Preview 4 (version 0.0.5) of the Apicurio Studio!

This release represents the last (most likely) release in the Tech Preview series of releases. From now on we’ll be entering into Beta territory! The reason for this is that we feel the Designer has enough functionality to be useful.

So from now on, expect Beta releases!

Try Out the Studio - No Download Required!

Apr 6, 2017 Eric Wittmann release, staging_server, and openshift

I have a quick announcement that I’m happy to make. Until today, if you wanted to try out the Apicurio Studio, you had to download the quickstart from the Download page. Well no longer!

As of today, every release of the project will also deploy the quickstart for that release to an openshift instance. You can find it here:

This way you can try out (or use) the latest released Apicurio Studio version without downloading a thing! As always, you’ll need to log in with your GitHub credentials if you want to use the tool. Sure is easier than downloading something! (especially for you savages that don’t have a JVM installed…)

Happy Designing!

Apicurio Studio - Tech Preview 1 Released!

Mar 6, 2017 Eric Wittmann release and tech_preview

I’m happy to announce that we have recently released Tech Preview 1 (version 0.0.2) of the Apicurio Studio! Read on for more information about what this release is all about and how you can give it a try. We’re always happy to receive any feedback you might have. Give it a whirl and tell us what you think.

Introducing Apicurio Studio!

Feb 28, 2017 Eric Wittmann introduction and overview

Hello everyone and welcome to the new Apicurio Studio project (brought to you by the folks who created apiman). In this blog post I’ll give an overview of the project, why it exists, and where we’re going. Thanks for reading!