Hello everyone and welcome to the new Apicurio project blog! I know that Apicurio has been around for quite some time, and we even had a blog for a few months back at the start. We were so caught up in bootstrapping the project that we let the blog slip into disuse and ended up discarding it.

Well now it’s back! Or we’re here! Or whatever.

Why now?

Great question! Hopefully we have a little bit more to say now that Apicurio is a community and not just a single project. We’ll definitely be using this space to make announcements and talk about new features.

What really prompted the resurrection of the blog at this moment was a need for a place to talk about new releases, with more space to provide a curated list of new features. Specifically the Apicurio Registry 2.0.0.Final release, which is obviously a major release and comes with a number of major changes that need to be explained. And we needed more space to do that than a tweet would allow.