Apicurio Registry documentation

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Apicurio Registry is a schema registry and an API registry, which stores and retrieves event schemas and API designs, and gives you control of their evolution.

About this documentation

This document introduces Apicurio Registry, explains how to install with your chosen storage option, and how to manage event schemas and API designs using the Apicurio Registry web console, REST API, Maven plug-in, or Java client.

This document also explains how to enforce schemas using Kafka client serializers and deserializers in your consumer and producer applications. It also describes Apicurio Registry content types and rule types, and OpenShift environment variables for health checks.

Getting help with Apicurio Registry

See the Apicurio Registry and Apicurio Registry Operator projects on GitHub. Any contributions, suggestions, and issue reports are welcome.

Create an issue on GitHub if you find any problems.