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Apicurio Registry Operator quickstart

This chapter explains how to quickly install Apicurio Registry Operator on the command line.

This quickstart example deploys Apicurio Registry using the in-memory storage option:

The recommended installation option for production environments is Installing Apicurio Registry Operator using the OperatorHub. The recommended storage option is Kafka Streams.

Apicurio Registry Operator quickstart

You can quickly deploy the Apicurio Registry Operator on the command line, without the Operator Lifecycle Manager, by executing a single command.

  1. Choose the $NAMESPACE to use:

    export NAMESPACE="default"
  2. Decide if you want to deploy the latest released version or choose a tag for a specific version:

    export REF="master"


    export REF="0.0.4"
  3. Get the installation file and apply it to your cluster:

    curl -sSL "https://raw.githubusercontent.com/Apicurio/apicurio-registry-operator/$REF/docs/resources/install.yaml" |
    sed "s/{NAMESPACE}/$NAMESPACE/g" | kubectl apply -f - -n $NAMESPACE
You must always specify either master or a version tag when using the procedure above.
Since version 0.0.4, you can also use install-dev.yaml on branch master to deploy the latest development version of Apicurio Registry Operator.
If you are deploying to OpenShift, use oc with the same arguments.

Quickstart Apicurio Registry deployment

To quickly create a new Apicurio Registry deployment, use the in-memory storage option, which does not require an external storage to be configured as a prerequisite.

  • Ensure that the Apicurio Registry Operator is already installed.

  1. Use a $NAMESPACE where the Apicurio Registry Operator is deployed:

    export NAMESPACE="default"
  2. Use the master branch or a git tag to select the appropriate example ApicurioRegistry CR for the given Apicurio Registry Operator version:

    export REF="master"


    export REF="0.0.4"
  3. Create an ApicurioRegistry custom resource (CR):

    kubectl apply -f https://raw.githubusercontent.com/Apicurio/apicurio-registry-operator/$REF/docs/modules/ROOT/examples/in-memory_cr.yaml -n $NAMESPACE
    The path to the example ApicurioRegistry CR has been changed since version 0.0.4. If you are deploying an older release, use https://raw.githubusercontent.com/Apicurio/apicurio-registry-operator/$REF/docs/resources/example-cr/in-memory.yaml.
    Example CR for in-memory storage
    apiVersion: apicur.io/v1alpha1
    kind: ApicurioRegistry
      name: example-apicurioregistry
    # spec:
    # No config required for dev deployment
    # NOTE: In-memory storage option is not suitable for production environment