Introduction to Apicurio Studio

What is Apicurio Studio?

Apicurio Studio enables you to design schemas and API definitions. It provides a web console to make it easy for API owners and developers to manage the content of event schemas and API definitions.

You can use Apicurio Studio to create a schema or API design from a simple template, use one of the detailed templates provided, or import an existing design to edit it. When you’re happy with your content, you can save your design to a file, and export it to Apicurio Registry or use it in your client applications.

Key concepts

To understand how Apicurio Studio works, it’s important to understand the following key concepts:

  • Apicurio Studio web console

    The web environment where users from an organization can manage designs.

  • Design

    An API design or schema design. When downloaded to a local project, or exported into Apicurio Registry, designs are referred to as artifacts.

Apicurio Studio capabilities

The Apicurio Studio has the following key capabilities:

  • Creation of APIs and schemas in a visual editor

  • Increased developer productivity with code and test generation from downloaded designs

Apicurio Studio use cases

The main use cases for Apicurio Studio are as follows:

  • Contract-first application development

    You can use Apicurio Studio to visually design the API and data models (contracts) required by your applications, before you write any application code. After you define the contract, it’s much easier to create the application logic needed to satisfy the contract. You can generate Quarkus-based client and server applications from designs created in Apicurio Studio.

  • Schema editing for Kafka applications

    When you use Kafka to produce and consume messages, you can define the data shape of your message payloads by using one of a number of event schema types. When you need to define a new schema, you can use Apicurio Studio.

Integration with other open-source projects

Apicurio Studio integrates with the following open-source projects:

  • Apicurio Registry

    You can import artifacts from Apicurio Registry into Apicurio Studio to edit the content. When you’re happy with the content of the schema and API designs, you can export the content to Apicurio Registry.

Supported API and schema types

Apicurio Studio supports the following API types:

  • AsyncAPI

  • OpenAPI

Apicurio Studio supports the following schema types:

  • Apache Avro

  • JSON Schema

  • Google Protocol Buffers (Protobuf)

Managing Apicurio Studio content

You can manage Apicurio Studio content in the Apicurio Studio web console.

Apicurio Studio web console

You can use the Apicurio Studio web console to complete the following tasks:

  • Browse and search the schema and API designs that are stored in Apicurio Studio

  • Add new schema and API designs and versions

  • Import content from a file, from a URL, or from a Apicurio Registry instance

  • Show the changes that you’ve made in your current editing session

  • Save your content to a file