Getting Started (Quickstart)

The easiest way to get started with the Apicurio Studio is to download the quickstart (based on Wildfly) and fire it up! All you need is to have Java (version 8) installed, and you're ready to rock.

Download & Install

  1. Apicurio Studio 0.2.54.Final
  2. Unpack the Apicurio Studio Quickstart zip


The Apicurio Studio quickstart is designed to work automatically if you download and run it on your local machine. If you wish to run it on a different machine, or put it into production, please see our documentation.


  1. Start WildFly
  2. Point your browser at Apicurio Studio and log in (or register a new account)!

Or try this...

mkdir ~/apicurio-studio-0.2.54.Final
cd ~/apicurio-studio-0.2.54.Final
curl -L -o
cd apicurio-studio-0.2.54.Final
./bin/ -c standalone-apicurio.xml
Note to Docker users! You can really quickly get Apicurio up and running by using our docker compose script.