Try Registry Live

You can try Apicurio Registry today, for free, by signing up for a Red Hat account and creating a free evaluation instance of Red Hat OpenShift Service Registry!

Try Red Hat OpenShift Service Registry

How do I do it?

Click the button above and then follow these instructions:

  1. Sign up for a Red Hat account (free)
    1. Click Register for a Red Hat account
    2. Fill out the signup form
    3. Choose Personal account type
    4. Choose a login ID and password
    5. Provide personal and contact information
  2. Agree to the (account) Red Hat Terms and Conditions
  3. Navigate to Application Services -> Service Registry -> Service Registry Instances
  4. Click Create Service Registry Instance
  5. Agree to the (service related) Red Hat Terms and Conditions
  6. Give your new Service Registry instance a friendly name
  7. Click Create!

It will only take a few seconds to provision your Registry instance. Once it's ready, you can log into the UI for it and also get the URL to its REST API(s).

Note: in addition to the registry UI, you can also use the command line tool located here.