Guess what, everyone? We’ve released Tech Preview 4 (version 0.0.5) of the Apicurio Studio!

This release represents the last (most likely) release in the Tech Preview series of releases. From now on we’ll be entering into Beta territory! The reason for this is that we feel the Designer has enough functionality to be useful.

So from now on, expect Beta releases!


Exactly one month since our first Tech Preview release, we have our final Tech Preview release.

Have a look at the roadmap we’ve created on the project site. There you will see details about what we’ve already done, and what we have planned for the future. Note that future plans may change or at least re-prioritize. You can always check back from time to time if you’re interested, as we will keep the roadmap updated as we evolve the project.

More information about this latest release can be found here:

Or if you’re looking for a quick “Getting Started” experience, you can go to the project website’s Download Page.

Another way to track our progress is to have a look at the GitHub “project” for the Beta release. We use that project to track work we’re doing and schedule future work. If it’s not listed there, we’re likely not yet working on it!

Happy Designing!